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Welcome to Saturday Snippets where I present to you some fun and interesting reads from a variety of genre's. I'm also giving 1 lucky blog commentator a chance to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Check these stories out...


Surrendering To The Beast by Tina Donahue

Genre: Erotic Paranormal, Romantic Comedy

He arched one dark eyebrow even as his gaze raked up and down her. “I take it I’m in the right place?”

Heather’s face and body kept getting hotter while her nipples continued to tighten. “Uh-huh.” She noted the huge bulge behind his fly and made a guess. “You’re a satyr?”

“That’s me. Wine, women and song.” He winked. One of the zombies moaned. He looked over. “Speaking of song, you should get a sound system in here. Drown out all those crappy noises with some down-and-dirty heavy metal. You like Behemoth? Their Lucifer kicks some serious ass.”

His bulge kept getting bigger and the folds between her legs damper. Fighting a wave of dizziness, Heather went to her computer, wondering why he was having such an effect on her. Satyrs were charming, sure, and natural seducers. They had to be, considering all they thought about and wanted was sex. However, they didn’t have the power to turn a good fairy against her ingrained principles. At least, she didn’t think they could.

“Do you have an appointment, Mister…”

“Daemon. Nope, I’m hoping you can fit me in. What are you?”

Heather stopped keying. “The receptionist.”

He laughed with pleasure, not derision. Her belly fluttered at the deep, virile sound that went straight past her bones and into her marrow.

“I mean what kind of being are you? No,” he said quickly. “Let me guess.”

Regarding her, he tapped his forefinger against his bristly jaw. He wore an ornate silver ring with a large black stone on his right middle finger. His hands were big and rugged but not frightening. Heather wasn’t certain why, but she saw the best kind of strength in them, the sort that protected and made mortal women sigh in appreciation. She held back a whimper of delight.

“You’re either an elf or a fairy.” He sighed. “I can never tell them apart.”

Only because he wasn’t trying since they weren’t similar at all. Clearly, he wasn’t as perfect as she’d thought. Heather bet he wouldn’t have liked it if she’d mistaken him for a centaur rather than what he was.

“I’m a good fairy,” she informed.

“That explains all the white you’re wearing.” He gestured to her peasant blouse, gypsy skirt and ballet flats. An outfit she’d bought at Macy’s, not a uniform store for fairies. When she didn’t comment, he lifted his hands in a show of surrender. “Hey, didn’t mean to touch a nerve. I’m all about pleasing the ladies.” He grinned.

I Was Abducted By Monster Aliens And They Made Me Gay by B.A. Thruster

Genre: Monster Porn

Mark struggled to regain consciousness. When he tried to open his eyes he found they were heavy. His skull felt like he’d taken a sledgehammer to it.

“Shit,” he mumbled. He put a heavy hand on the back of his head searching for a wound.

“Mark,” Randy whispered urgently. “Come on, man, wake up.”

Mark again struggled to open his eyes. When he finally got them open, he saw Randy staring at him with a look of fear on his face.

“What’s going on?” Mark tried to search his mind, trying to remember what happened.

“We’ve been abducted by fucking monster aliens, man!” Randy whisper yelled.

Oh, yeah. The memory of the bright light flashing on them and trapping them came rushing back and all the grogginess that had been in his head quickly fled. Mark bolted upright, but found his movements were restricted. “What the hell?” he asked. He looked down and found he was completely naked and his arms were tied behind him.

“They tied us up,” Randy offered. Randy nodded his head to the right. “The monsters are over there.”

Mark looked over Randy’s head and sure enough, there they stood in the flesh.


They didn’t look like anything that Mark had ever seen before. There were four of them standing at some controls. They all stood about seven feet tall. If Mark’s eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, they appeared to be large bearded dragons with green scaly skin. They had long snouts for noses and sharp pointy teeth. They had muscular bodies and didn’t wear any clothes. Their arms and legs were as big as tree trunks, and instead of fingernails they had long black claws. Tails extended from their butts and had to be at least five feet in length. But what caught Mark’s eyes was what hung between their thighs. Massive dicks!

Mark’s mouth dropped open. “What the hell is going on here? Who the fuck are they?”

“I think they’re aliens and we’re in their spaceship.” Randy looked around and Mark followed his gaze.

They were in some kind of room or spaceship with controls lining the walls. “What are they planning to do with us?” Mark asked.

Randy shrugged. “I have no idea, they haven’t—”

“You two,” a deep raspy voice called from the other side of the room.

Mark’s heart stopped as his attention was pulled back to where the monsters were standing. One of the monsters was looking directly at them.

“Wh-what do you want with us?” Mark asked.

“To study,” the monster said flatly.

Mark raised his brows. “To study” could mean anything from asking Randy and Mark questions or cutting them up into itty-bitty pieces.

“Fuck,” Randy bit out.

“That too,” the monster replied.

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