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Summer Titles!! NEW RELEASES

Hey ya'll,

I've been a busy bee. (look at me being all productive and shit). I have 3 new releases coming up and of course I'm waiting until the last minute to get my stuff together. Scheduling tweets, putting together newsletters, reaching out to book tour companies and writing this blog post takes time. Probably 'tis why I always wait until the last second and then run around like a crazy person trying to pull everything together.

This life tho, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Behold! My new lovelies!

On These Pages
Contemporary Romance
Totally Bound Publishing
June 21, 2016

She’s a widow. He’s a reformed player. One passionate night changes them both forever.

Toni Harrison isn’t buying anything Ahmad Espen is selling. Everyone considers him the savior of the African American community but she knows him as a heartless player and plans to steer clear of him. The only problem is her sister and Ahmad’s brother are smitten with each other and despite Toni’s attempts otherwise, she constantly finds herself in Ahmad’s presence.
Ahmad understands why Toni is wary of him, but he’s a totally different man from the boy she knew in college. Now he’s determined to push past all her defenses to gain her trust. When he finally does, one passionate night with her confirms she’s the perfect woman for him.
Yet it seems there’s no fairy-tale ending for them, as Ahmad and Toni find out the hard way. Someone is out to destroy their relationship, along with Ahmad’s good name and Toni’s privacy. Once more Toni has good reason to distance herself from Ahmad, since he blames her for the whole mess. Heartbroken again, she walks away, and by the time he comes to his senses, he realizes it may well be too late to rewrite their love story to give it a happy ending.


Once A Thief, Always A Thief
The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I. (#3)
Urban Fantasy
Three Twenty-One, LLC
July 19, 2016
I’ve solved cases for the most powerful Vampire in the Undercity and for the Lycan Alpha, proving my worth as a PI. Despite being a half-breed and unclassed, work should be rolling in…
Yet it isn’t, and I don’t know why. And as if that’s not stressful enough, my mom starts acting so weird it makes me suspicious. Friends say she’s just starting to live a little—maybe even, ugh, found a boyfriend—but I’m not sure. So what’s a PI to do? Investigate, of course. I mean, come on, Momma’s taken care of me my whole life. Now it’s up to me to make sure she’s okay.
What I discover is so outrageous it leaves me reeling, but I don’t care if once a thief, always a thief, there are some things too precious to allow to be stolen. I’ll do whatever’s necessary to make things right, even walk away from everything I’ve achieved—and the Undercity itself.
In Danger's Embrace
Cimmerian Moon, Book 3
Young Adult
Three Twenty-One, LLC
June 7, 2016
In many ways, my life is complete, or as complete as it can be with aliens roaming Earth, killing and enslaving humans. Jason, my love, is by my side, and my friendship with Wade is back on track. Even better, it seems the threats of annihilation from the aliens have turned out to be nothing but hot air.

Yet, despite the peace of our Arrowwood refuge, there is still a war waging outside, something I’ve tried not to think too much about. Just as I’ve ignored the fact that a sanctuary can also be a prison, or a tomb, we are forced to step out of safety and live or die, in danger’s embrace.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I.

Hi All!

My super new urban fantasy is kicking off this month. Woot! I have many, many stories planned for this series, so many that I had to space them out. The words flow like water. The first 4 will be released in 2016. No worries, they are already written and ready to go.

I'm excited to introduce you to Babylonia Delilah Jones. She's a fierce, don't take no shit kinda woman. Before I'd written the first word in the first story I'd already come up with this...

I am a proud and sometimes wild woman. Meek and mild have never been words to describe me. Since I was younger I knew I was different. Even when I pretended to be normal and ordinary, different resonated within my bones.

The wind whispered past my ears, birds sang melodies just for me, flowers bloomed in my presence and animals told me secrets.

What I am exactly or even where I’ve come from is a mystery to me, but one thing I do know for certain is that I’ll never lead an ordinary life.

Why is that you ask? With a media hungry vampire as a best friend, an ex-boyfriend who is the prince of the Fae world and a demi god who thinks we’re “dating”, I can almost guarantee chaos is in my cards.
My name is Babylonia Delilah Jones and I am a private instigator for the paranormal world.

I love this character so much!

Writing these stories were such a blast and to be able to work with such a wonderful cover artist was the absolute best. Erik was able to take a rambling email and produce exactly what I'd envisioned. Shout out to Erik Reeves (!

The Guicai Talisman is up for pre-order now and will release March 21st.

What does a woman have to do to prove she belongs in the Undercity? Sure, I’m unclassed and only half paranormal, but that doesn’t mean I can’t solve cases. Since the established PI’s won’t acknowledge my right to a territory, I’m taking jobs from whoever will hire me, doing what I do best…proving myself to be a bad-ass problem solver. Which is how I find myself breaking into Zaid’s house, looking for a talisman my witch client says the very powerful vampire stole.
Now, I can make flowers grow, hear the wind’s whispers and talk to animals, but I don’t have the gift of seeing the future. If I did, I’d have known not to take this case. Because no matter the outcome, nothing good can come from messing with the Guicai Talisman, or it’s far too gorgeous guardian.


Barnes and Noble
Amazon UK
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The Lycan Job: Releasing April 2016

Being hired by the Alpha of the Lycan pack to solve the mystery of his son’s death could make my name as a PI in the Undercity—if it doesn’t get me killed first. Not only am I looking for a perp who obviously won’t hesitate to commit murder, but even before I get working on the problem I’m being threatened. That’s not going to stop me though. Neither is interference from Zaid, the hot Vampire who keeps popping up at the most inopportune times.

Yet this turns out to be anything but a straightforward case. I’m learning more about the workings of the Undercity than ever before, and what I’m finding out is pretty ugly. It’s making me question everything I thought I knew about the Houses, and what I’m missing by not being claimed by my father. But that may well be a question I won’t get a chance to ponder, because even tapping into every ability I possess might not be enough to help me survive the Lycan Job.

Once A Thief, Always A Thief: Releasing August 2016

I’ve solved cases for the most powerful Vampire in the Undercity and for the Lycan Alpha, proving my worth as a PI. Despite being a half-breed and unclassed, work should be rolling in…

Yet it isn’t, and I don’t know why. And as if that’s not stressful enough, my mom starts acting so weird it makes me suspicious. Friends say she’s just starting to live a little—maybe even, ugh, found a boyfriend—but I’m not sure. So what’s a PI to do? Investigate, of course. I mean, come on, Momma’s taken care of me my whole life. Now it’s up to me to make sure she’s okay.
What I discover is so outrageous it leaves me reeling, but I don’t care if once a thief, always a thief, there are some things too precious to allow to be stolen. I’ll do whatever’s necessary to make things right, even walk away from everything I’ve achieved—and the Undercity itself.
It's Not Me, It's You: Releasing October 2016
Life is good. My mom is recovering and I wasn’t torn apart by the Lycans. Work is rolling in almost faster than I can handle, and I might even be about to find my dad. The cherry on top? I’ve met a man. One who gives me all the attention Demarcus never did and doesn’t make me nervous like Zaid does. Yeah, I know he’s human, so a relationship is out of the question, but I’m going to enjoy his company for as long as I can. It’s nice to have a normal, non-paranormal friend, especially when he’s as handsome as Easton.

When will I ever learn that just when thinks are going well, it’s time to expect crazy to rear its head? Nothing is turning out quite the way I expected, but through trying to keep my human IT guru out of Undercity business, dealing with a stalker and the aftermath of some of the best sex of my life, I come to one conclusion. It really isn’t me…
See? I told you. AWESOME COVERS.

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Guest Post ~ Mated With The Cyborg ~ Goddess Fish

Hey All,

Please join me in welcoming a sci-fi buddy, the lovely Mrs. Cara Bristol. My question to her was: What inspired you to write Mated With The Cyborg and the Cy-Ops Sci-Fi series?

I love cyborgs. They’re human beings who look fully human, but have been augmented by computer and/or mechanical parts. To me, they represent the ultimate alpha hero: strong, dominant. They’re tough as nails until they meet the heroine, whereupon they fall hard. In most sci-fi romances, cyborgs are created by an evil government who forces them to fight their wars. I wanted to offer something different.
My cyborgs are spies. Think of them as a cross between James Bond and the Terminator (the good one from Terminator 2, not the bad one from the first movie). They’re cyber operatives in a covert paramilitary force who are fighting against terrorism in the galaxy. The terrorism part was inspired by present day threats (although I finished writing the book before the attacks in France).
In Mated with the Cyborg, the hero does undercover on an enemy space station, where he meets the villain’s innocent daughter. When he learns her father wants her dead, he’s forced to choose between his mission and saving her life.
I’d written one other sci-fi series, Breeder, but in this Cy-Ops, I wanted to challenge myself by writing a romance that is also a bit of a space opera with space craft, space stations, alien planets, futuristic weapons, and lots of explosions. Lol. Besides cyborgs, readers will meet androids and aliens of all persuasions. ( I still want to emphasize that this is romance).
One of the coolest venues is the Darius 4 Pleasure resort, which is staffed by android pleasure workers. I mention it in book 1,Stranded with the Cyborg, but it serves as one of the key settings in Mated with the Cyborg. Readers will get to see what really goes on there—and should expect a surprise. Muwhaha…

Mated with the Cyborg
by Cara Bristol
GENRE:  Sci-fi Romance
Kai Andros’s orders were simple. Get in. Gather the intel on the terrorist organization. Get out.
Then he met her. Mariska. Beautiful. Innocent. Ignorant of her father’s atrocities. And marked for death.
His orders said nothing about saving her. But he did. He went off-mission.
Can a rogue cyborg outrun both Cyber Operations and the terrorists to save the woman he loves?
Mariska’s dress dragged along the metal floor as she headed for the general’s receiving room. People glanced at R981, but the android could have been alone for all the notice they paid her. Her veil seemed to render her invisible.
If only she could truly disappear. Years had passed since the last summons. Why had her father called her? Perspiration slickened her palms, and she had to concentrate to avoid wiping them and leaving a telltale stain on her clothing. The only thing worse than being afraid was showing it. At least her voluminous skirt hid her wobbling knees. Outside her father’s fortified headquarters, she halted and took a deep breath. I can do this. I can do this.
“You are nervous,” stated R981 in his stilted, but gravelly voice. No other android had vocals like his. His rumbling tone vibrated through her in a most disturbing way.
“No, I’m not,” she quickly refuted. Fear was a flaw. Flaws were punished. Although R981 was assigned to her, he had been programmed to report misbehavior and anomalies to her father.
The solid black orbs of his robotic eyes blinked once. “I detect pupil constriction, increased perspiration and respiration, which indicate fear.”
“I believe you are mistaken and require a full diagnostic. How long has it been since your last maintenance overhaul?”
“I am a new model entered into service five weeks ago. I do not require maintenance for another fifty-five point four days.”
She needed to shore up her courage, but R981 pulled open the door, making it clear he served her father. Just like the other droids.


Cara will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Multi-published, Cara Bristol is the author of more than 23 erotic romance titles. She writes science fiction, contemporary, and paranormal erotic romance. No matter what the subgenre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

Cara Bristol web site/blog -

Author Newsletter -

Facebook Author Page -

Amazon Author page -

Twitter -

Goodreads -

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I'm outing myself ~ MONSTER PORN ~ Adult Content

I'm Outing Myself!

So, around this time last year I got the itch to write a bunch of monster porn (because that's totally normal). Like, who wouldn't want to write monster porn? I talked it over with some writer friends, and after emails and emails where we discussed scenarios and ideas and a lot of belly laughter I came up with 8 different stories. But that wasn't the best part of it. The best part was coming up with my alias, "B.A. Thruster". Because, why not? ROFL
I had a ton of fun with B.A. Thruster. I even made up an author profile and everything.
But what fun is there to have this great alter ego and I couldn't promote it anything? Well, that's why I decided to out myself. I really want to just put it out there so that I can talk about B.A. and the stories he writes.
So, hello *waves*. Meet B.A. Thruster, my awesome alter ego.
Alien abductions
Gay lovin'
Multiple lovin'
Cheesy dialogue
God-awful covers
Male bravaro
Alien lovin'

Author BIO:
B.A. Thruster is an attorney who lives with his life partner and four fur babies in the wonderful state of Montana. By day he works hard to right the world of injustice and at night he writes off the wall sexy stories that aren't for the faint of heart.

I Was Abducted by Monster Aliens and They Made Me Gay

Mark wasn’t gay—not at all. Just because he liked to suck off his neighbor every now and then didn’t mean he was. But something pivotal happens in his life to change his mind. Mark and his neighbor Randy are abducted by monster aliens and the monsters make Mark rethink his position on being gay.

Over 4,000 words of gay monster alien loving.

The Monster Alien Billionaire Gangbang Made Me Gay

Mr. Johnson would like nothing more than to get this job at the prestigious pharmaceutical firm. If the interview goes well, he’d have a fat paycheck, perks and the glory of calling the billionaire, Mr. Grey his boss. He finds that he will do anything for his soon-to-be new boss. Even bend over for him and his partners.

Over 5,000 words of gay monster alien loving.

My Neighbor is a Tentacle Alien and It made Me Gay

Jon doesn’t have a care in the world. He enjoys the carefree life of spending his days lying out in the sun and screwing his neighbor’s wife. The perfect life—or so he thinks. His plan crumbles around him when his neighbor, Chris breaks the news that he’s aware of the affair Jon has been having with his beautiful wife, Candy. Now it’s time for Chris to turn the tables on Jon. Jon is up for most anything, but is he up for some alien tentacle loving?

Over 4,000 words of gay tentacle alien loving.

My Receptionist Is a Gangbanging Tentacle Alien

Lynne has a secret. She has her very own tentacle alien in the form of her receptionist Marcy. But when Josh, the delivery man comes along, Lynne is more than willing to share her secret in the name of good fun.

Over 4,000 words of tentacle alien loving.

My Receptionist is a Tentacle Alien

Lynne McCoy wants to teach her young hot receptionist a lesson, not to sleep with her husband ever again. But Marcy has her own lesson to teach, eight tentacle lessons of pleasure. Marcy thinks she has what it takes to make Lynne forget all about her husband.

Over 4,000 words of tentacle alien loving.

Buy link

My Wife and I had a Threesome with a Monster Alien and We Liked It

Lane wanted some excitement in his life. Having dinner with his wife and a corporate auditor wasn’t the kind of fun he had in mind. All that changes when the handsome auditor turns out to be more than Lane bargained for. He’s a monster alien!

Over 5,500 words of m/m and m/f/m monster loving.

Unthawing the Neanderthals

Dr. Becky Smith is bored. She has spent the past year in a top-secret, government run, remote Antarctica research facility monitoring the unthawing of two Neanderthals. She’s done things to them that she’s not very proud of. While they lay helpless in containment tanks she’s taken advantage of their bodies. What she never expected was for her actions to inadvertently wake the two men and that they’d want payback. Dr. Smith will throw all common sense aside as she gives the Neanderthals what they’ve awaken for.

Over 4,000 words of hot male/female/male Neanderthal loving.

Unthawing the Neanderthals II

Ernie, a top research scientist is tasked with unthawing the Neanderthals that are being held in containment tanks in a top-secret, government run, remote Antarctica research facility. While everyone has been busy taking notes and tediously working for the government, Ernie has been conducting his own experiments—the sexual kind. He has collected enough Neanderthal DNA to sell to the highest bidder—as long as the buyer doesn’t ask how he obtained it. What he’s not expecting is for the Neanderthals to wake-up and want their payback. Ernie is more than willing to give them everything they want.

Over 4,000 words of male/male/male/male Neanderthal loving.

Buy link

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***Please Don't Buy My EC Books ~ Loving Dangerously Series***

Hello there *waves*

Here's a post that I was both dreading and hoping that I'd never have to write. If you've been following #notchilled on Twitter then you've seen this post before. While the name of the author and books are different, the message is still the same...

When I finished my first book, I subbed to EC. I didn’t sub anywhere else and really didn’t have any place that I wanted my book to go. Luckily Briana (my first EC editor) saw through the horrible grammar and decided to take a chance on me. I knew the contract didn’t make sense, but I didn’t care. This is where I wanted to publish and where I wanted to be. I actually still don’t have a problem with it, because I signed it willingly. No one held a gun to my head, forcing me to sign. If I’d wanted, I could’ve gotten a good lawyer childhood friend to look at it for me. But I didn’t. I just wanted to pub with EC. (And there’s a crazy little part that still wants to be pubbed with them).

Through EC I met some amazing people. People that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I loved Romanticon and will miss going to it immensely. Yeah, I know people like to trash it, but really, it was always a blast and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. I got to not only meet other authors, but editors, EC staff and wonderful readers.

At Romanticon, I also met Jaid Black. I'd always wanted to meet her. You see, as a lover of all things sci-fi, her Trek books were a great inspiration to me. I love her Trek books and although it goes against popular opinion, I would’ve bought the last one if I hadn’t read in a review that the story wasn’t finished (I’ve waited way too long for the next Trek installment and I surely don’t want to read half of a book).

I’ve also met other EC staff at Romanticon—all have been very nice. Being at Romanticon was like being with family. And again, I will miss that greatly.

But even if it were to come back—one day. I couldn’t and would never attend again.

EC was once good to me, but they aren’t any more.

Despite what one very vocal EC figurehead has blasted on social media, I just recently received a check (a very late check) on December 5th for March-June 2015. The fact is, that check was not delivered per contract. Per contract, I’m supposed to receive royalties quarterly (but EC has, up until now, paid the authors monthly). But, the question that remains is, what is quarterly? It is not stipulated in the contract and we're left to try to figure that out. Normally, January-March would be paid in April and April-June would be paid in July. That didn’t happen, neither the quarterly payment (on any schedule) nor the monthly payments and all emails to the royalties department went unanswered.

 Why weren’t our royalties sent to us as soon as they were received by EC? The excuses ran the gambit from accounting software problems (years now) to a death in someone’s family.

Things happen to every company. Even if EC couldn’t pay me in a timely fashion, I could and would’ve dealt with it if communication would’ve remained opened. No, I’m not saying that I accept not being paid on time because I want what’s due to me when it’s due, but I would’ve gotten over it and moved on.

But this is not the only reason that I say EC hasn’t been good to me.

The moment an EC owner began bashing EC authors in the public arena is when EC ceased to be good to me. And ceased being my publishing company.

Authors are being called liars, bad apples, misogynist, etc, etc.

WE are not lying. WE are not bad apples and just because we refuse to be bullied into being quiet, WE are not misogynist.

WE are writers. WE are authors. WE are mothers. WE are wives/husbands/significant others/strong single humans.

WE have dreams. We have goals. We have aspirations. And YOU don’t get to shit on those.

Sorry. But not so sorry.

I’d actually hoped that EC would turn around and by the grace of the publishing Gods, become great again. But as each day passes, so does the constant rants and bashing. To be fair, a lot of hate and bashing is also being directed at EC and the owners. But honestly, if EC and its representatives wouldn’t respond to the mess, then I highly doubt if any of this would continue (just my personal thoughts on it.)

Personal message to EC figurehead:


Every angry tweet or post that you don’t agree with doesn’t need to be answered. Let it roll off of you and let the people who are still trying to make the company great do their job.


I’m not being paid on time. But most importantly, I refuse to further line the pockets of someone who public bashes the authors that had/have worked so hard to profit the company.

How have I contributed to EC’s profits? My hard earned money was used to promote each and every one of my EC books. I booked blog tours, I paid for advertisements, I talked them up to readers and to other authors. To put it mildly, I put in work. I wanted the books to not only be successful for me, but for EC as well. I wanted everyone to succeed with this business arrangement.

But the moment the checks stopped coming and at the very first “You’re all jealous liars” rant, I pulled all the ads, stopped the tours and kept my money in my bank account.

I’m a writer and I wanted my books to succeed, but momma didn’t raise a sucker.

I basically went dark. I stopped talking about my EC books, stopped promoting them and also stopping publishing. I didn’t want to publish (self or with another publishing company) because I didn’t want readers to buy my EC books as well. I did what needed to be done to kill the series (and in doing so I killed a little part of me), because if the series died then I felt vindicated that my royalties wouldn’t go to lawsuits or to pay their bills (because my royalties surely weren’t being forwarded to me to pay my bills). And essentially, if my sales dropped then my books could revert to me per one of the clauses in the contract.

But again, a little piece of me died. I became depressed and felt ugh. I felt like I couldn’t control anything. That I’d failed as a writer for publishing with this company who I felt didn’t respect or appreciate their writers. I couldn’t think of stories. I couldn’t string words together. Just the idea of turning on my laptop made me sick.

Then one day something great happened. I had a snippet of an idea. I wrote it down on paper. I kept looking at this paper every day and added just a little bit to it as time went by. Then, I fired up my laptop and began writing and it felt GOOD.

I realized that I couldn’t stop being me. I needed to write and I wouldn’t let anyone be the holder of my joy. And after realizing that the words flowed like water. I wrote six books. Whoa! Something powerful happens when you don’t let others negativity bring you down and it’s a wonderful thing!

So does this mean for my Loving Dangerously series that’s with EC?

Although I will continue to write (self-pub or traditional pub with another company). I will not write another Loving Dangerously book (unless I can get out of that contract). I have to let them continue to die. *sigh*

I’m sorry. This entire situation sucks. It sucks for the company, it sucks for the authors and it sucks for the readers.

And you know what else sucks?

It sucks that I have poured my time, effort and hard work into building a world that I love, only to have to leave it alone. I have to pretend that those characters and that world are dead to me. It's painful. It makes me want to cry, scream, throw stuff and punch someone in the throat. I love the world that I created and I love the characters that live in that world. I still have so many stories to tell and I can't. It's nauseating.

But what else can I do?

I can't continue to write and promote and let someone else profit off of my back and not pass on to me the royalties that are owed. Not only profit, but also spit in my face while they do it. Because that's what's happening. Every hateful rant is a spit in the face to every author who has trusted EC with a little piece of their soul.

I must walk away from them and move on. 

And I ask my readers to walk away as well.

Do not buy my EC books:

Dangerously Mine

Dangerously Yours

Dangerously Hers

Dangerously His

Dangerously Forever

I don't see this as a failure, but as a new beginning. I'm not going to erase those books from my memory, because there are too many good memories associated with them. Dangerously Mine was the first book that I ever finished and the first book that I ever published.

I want to thank my wonderful EC editors: Kelli Collins (Edit Me This) and Carrie Jackson (Totally Bound) and most of all, Briana St. James (Bree Lambert) for taking a chance on me. I don't know where I'd be without you ladies.

I want to thank the other EC staff as well. Patty Marks, who has been a wonderful person to work with. Raelene as well. And many of the other EC staff that are still there that I've only had dealings with in passing, but have been kind and courteous.

I want to especially thank my readers. I never expected to have one reader, let alone many. You guys rock and I appreciate each and every one of you!

I will not let this experience taint me nor will I allow it to hinder me. I am strong (picture me shaking a fist to the sky yelling, "I'm a strong black woman"). It has taken almost a year, but I have moved past it. I've titled 2016 as my comeback year. Only God knows the future and right now I’m just trying to get through the day.

But whatever the case, I'll be okay.

*takes a deep breath*

I'll be okay.

A.M. Griffin books Releasing in 2016:

January 2016 Hunter Claimed (Dark Wolf Enterprises #3): Paranormal, wolf-shifter romance
February 2016 On These Pages: Contemporary romance
July 2016 In Danger's Embrace (Cimmerian Moon #3): YA Dystopian
March 2016 The Guicai Talisman (The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I.): Urban Fantasy
May 2016 The Lycan Job (The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I.): Urban Fantasy
September 2016 Once a Thief, Always a Thief (The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I.): Urban Fantasy
November 2016 It's Not Me, It's You (The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I.): Urban Fantasy

Other Books (Not EC):
Yule's Tyd (FREE Christmas short): Sci-fi Romance
Dark Wolf Enterprises (Dark Wolf Enterprises #1): Paranormal, wolf-shifter romance
Lover Claimed (Dark Wolf Enterprises #2): Paranormal, wolf-shifter romance
Against The Darkness (Cimmerian Moon #1): YA Dystopian
The Ashes That Remain (Cimmerian Moon #2): YA Dystopian

Writing as B.A. Thruster: WARNING ~ MONSTER PORN
Alien abductions
Gay lovin'
Multiple lovin'
Cheesy dialogue
God-awful covers
Male bravaro
and Alien lovin'
I Was Abducted by Monster Aliens and They Made Me Gay


A.M. Griffin

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Guest Post ~ Obsidian Worlds ~ Goddess Fish Promotions ~ #giveaway

Obsidian Worlds

by Jason Werbeloff

Migraines, Cannibalism, and the Ungodly in Obsidian Worlds

When I first started writing the sci-fi short stories in my anthology, Obsidian Worlds, I was more concerned with having fun than conveying a serious message to readers. I’d just finished writing and releasing my novel, Hedon, and the idea of playing with a quick project – a short story under 5,000 words – seemed like a blissful retreat from the rigors of producing a novel.

In a previous lifetime, I ran a software development business. I learned quickly that the more employees involved in a decision, or executing a task, the greater the risk of error. The more complex things are, the greater the chance they’ll crash and burn. And this is true of writing fiction too. Writing a full length novel yields far more possibilities for inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and typos.

So when I got round to writing the first story in the anthology, Your Averaged Joe, I was thrilled that I could construct a world quickly and easily without worrying about systematic problems. I let my mind roam, and write whatever it liked. Around the same time, I experienced my first migraine. And let me tell you, it was an ungodly experience. In fact, after four hours of it, if I was ever in doubt before, I was now entirely certain that there was no God. To process the experience, I wrote Your Averaged Joe, about a man who (surprise) has a migraine. But his headache is so bad, it grows large enough to contain the multiverse.

Your Averaged Joe started a trend. I began writing more and more shorts, each about a radically different world. But all of the worlds shared a common feature– they took a feeling, a whim, and expanded it to its logical conclusion in a world where that whim was the norm. I wrote Dinner with Flexi after spending an afternoon with a group of gay friends (I’m gay too, by the way). As the afternoon progressed, I realized that many of the jokes revolved around misogyny, and specifically, around degrading the female body. When something smelled dubious in the kitchen, they’d say it smelled of vagina. They’d talk about online gay male dating profiles that specified “no fems” when they talked about the men they were interested in. They talked about breasts as if they were alien creations, meant purely for breastfeeding, and couldn’t possibly be *gasp* pleasant or pleasurable.

That afternoon started me thinking. What would the world be like if this sort of misogyny were both ubiquitous and explicit; if men both expressed and acted on this sort of hatred of women? And the answer was Dinner with Flexi, a world in which women are removed from society, and farmed for their meat and “mammary sauce”. Women are cannibalized, and replaced with female sex bots to satisfy the remaining men. The story is set form the perspective of one of these bots, Flexi.

The anthology began to take shape around the idea of the ungodly. Joe, the man with the multiverse-containing migraine, is a sort of God. And the world of Flexi is, if nothing else, ungodly awful. So I wrote Visiting Grandpa’s Brain, one of the shorter shorts in the anthology. The story is about a world where The End of Days has arrived, the undead have risen up, and the Vatican has achieved world domination. To get with the times, the Vatican possesses the world’s largest search engine, named “Zoogle©” (we all know who this is), and replaces Zoogle’s servers with the brains of the elderly to perform its internet searches. The story is vitriolic in its irreverence, depicting the church as megalomanic zombie-worshipping institution, exploiting the goodwill of the elderly, and perverting the sanctity of the body.

The remaining stories in the anthology flowed from there. Each of them (eleven in total) involve extreme, bizarre, mind-bending thought experiments that extract some core feature of our current society, and magnify it to an absurd conclusion, usually with unholy results. I loved writing the book – at times it felt so good, I felt guilty writing it. And so far, readers seem to have enjoyed it too. The book has over 50 reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.4 out of 5. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, what are you waiting for? Here’s the link:
GENRE:  Sci-Fi


 Jason Werbeloff’s short stories have been downloaded over 20,000 times. Obsidian Worlds brings together his 11 best-selling sci-fi shorts into a mind-bending philosophical anthology.

 In Your Averaged Joe, a man’s headache is large enough to hold the multiverse. Q46F is an obsessive-compulsive android who finds love in a zombie-embroiled apocalypse. The end of the world isn’t all that bad – The Experience Machine will fulfil your every desire (and some you hadn’t considered). A sex bot dares to dream of freedom in Dinner with Flexi. But mind what you eat, because The Photons in the Cheese Are Lost. Don’t fret though: The Cryo Killer guarantees that your death will be painless, or your money back when you’re thawed. Unless, that is, you’re The Man with Two Legs.

 Plug into Obsidian Worlds for these and other immersive stories, including the hilarious Time-Traveling Chicken Sexer. Your brain will never be the same again.



(from Bleed Me Silicone):
My first memory is of the inside of a cardboard box. The material is gray and slightly rough to the touch. It smells of fluorescent light and ancient canyon floors.
I savor the feeling of being lifted from the shelf – rubbed and jostled against the almost-smooth interior of the box, as I’m carried through the aisles. My new owner places me on the till. The other products and I have talked about this day. Wondered when our time would come. The time to be purchased.
“Would you like a packet for that, ma’am?” the teller asks. I recognize his voice. He does stock-take on Sundays.
“Umm … yes,” says a nervous voice. Nervous, but forgiving. I like her already.
The crinkle-swoosh of plastic competes with the sound of a radio. Sunlight perforates the miniscule holes in the edges of the cardboard that encloses me. I feel warmth for the first time. She drives me home.
The roof of the box opens, and I’m out. In the world. Her face is just as I’d imagined. Elfin and freckled. No frown lines. Her eyes are intense as they follow my instructions.
I tingle at the touch of her fingers. Delicate, careful. Fleshy and warm. Her lips curl into a smile, before she places me at the back of a dark shelf. The other lubes at the store told me this would happen. Life’s not all action for us. But when our owners take us for a night out of the closet, the world comes alive. Or that’s what the other lubes say.
There aren’t many voices in her apartment. I wait patiently at the back of the closet, as the weeks and months pass. Just when I think she’s forgotten me, one warm evening the door of the apartment opens. A man sits on the creaky springs of the bed.
“Are you ready?” His voice is young. Excited.
“Yes,” she says. I know she’s trying not to sound nervous, like she did that day at the store when she purchased me.
And then it begins.
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Jason Werbeloff is a novelist and philosopher. He loves chocolate and his Labrador, Sunny.

He's interested in the nature of social groups, personal identity, freedom, and the nature of the mind. His passion is translating philosophical debate around these topics into works of science fiction, while gorging himself on chocolate.

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