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Silken Sheets & Seduction Summer Blog Hop

Welcome to the Summer Seduction Blog Hop! There are lots of fabulous giveaways from authors and book bloggers who love erotic romance. Be sure to hop along as you can and check everyone out. Along the way you will have opportunities to earn more entries for the big hop prizes:

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Scorching excerpt:

“Yazmine.” Sa’Mya hooked her leg across her right armrest. She’d chosen the perfect dress for the trip, the one with slits that ran up both sides to mid-hip.

From her seat next to Sa’Mya, Yazmine initiated the semi-privacy screen that separated the back from the front. Over the hum of the transporter engine came the click of Yazmine’s safety harness. Yazmine’s deft fingers sliding in and out of her would be the welcome distraction she needed and the one thing that could possibly make the short trip bearable.

Nothing else relaxed her quicker. And after what she’d been through these past lunar cycles, she needed some relaxing. King Taio had reneged and Uncle Umar pursued her relentlessly, not intending to shower her with hugs and gifts either. She was running for her life.

Yazmine kneeled in front of her, positioning herself between Sa’Mya’s open legs. Sa’Mya watched as Yazmine lifted her gown to expose her bare pussy. Normally Sa’Mya wouldn’t have dared let Yazmine expose her in such an open display of wanton need. But no one watched, so she would allow Yazmine to pleasure her any way she pleased.

With a light touch, Yazmine spread Sa’Mya’s folds with one hand and slid a slender digit into her pussy up to the knuckle.

Inhaling deeply, Sa’Mya leaned back into her seat. “Umm.”

Yazmine’s finger caressed Sa’Mya’s walls, gliding effortlessly in her wet sheath. Yazmine added another finger to the first, stretching her. “Princess?”

Even as Yazmine was busy massaging and teasing, Yazmine’s focus was on Sa’Mya’s breasts that spilled from the top of her red, low-cut gown. Sa’Mya smiled at the hunger in Yazmine’s bronze-colored slanted eyes.

Sa’Mya lazily teased her hardened nipples through the expensive fabric. She inhaled with a hiss of pleasure. “Do you want to touch my breasts?”

Yazmine moaned softly and extended her free hand. “Yes, please.”

Sa’Mya laughed and slapped Yazmine’s hand away. “But I didn’t say you could.” Sa’Mya gripped and pinched each nipple and gave a small choke of pleasure.

Yazmine’s tongue darted across her top lip and Sa’Mya’s stomach fluttered. “I can think of one thing that would feel better than a finger,” Sa’Mya moaned.

“Princess,” Yazmine whimpered softly. “Join me.” Yazmine pressed on Sa’Mya’s safety-harness release.

Sa’Mya stilled Yazmine. “No. You want me, your princess, to lie on the floor?” Not to mention, the idea of being unrestrained in a transporter traveling through space at light speed made her pale.

“Then let me…” Yazmine fluttered her eyelashes and sucked her lower lip in her mouth.

“Let you what?” Sa’Mya asked, recovering her breath.

Sa’Mya lowered the stretchable fabric of her gown below her breast. The harness crossed her chest, making her breasts stand up in perfect mounds. Yazmine whimpered again as Sa’Mya trailed one red-manicured nail in a circular path from one golden globe to the other.

“Lick them.”

“Lick them?” Sa’Mya asked. Yazmine’s finger slipped deeper into Sa’Mya’s slick valley. “Umm.”

“I won't disappoint. I never disappoint.”

The smell of Yazmine’s sweet scent of arousal mixed with her own began to fill the small space.

“You may.”


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