Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Contest and Giveaway - Names, Names and More Names

Names, Names and More Names!

Have you ever wondered how sci-fi authors come up with names for planets, species, people, animals, food or objects? Well, if they’re like me they make them up or “play” on words that are used in everyday common language or even read the credits of a movie or sitcom to nab an unusual last name. Sometimes, for specific characters I will take the name of a loved one and spell it backward.

Who am I kidding? I also type random words and see if anything “sticks.” LOL

But going into Dangerously His, book #4 of my sci-fi space opera series Loving Dangerously, I was stuck at naming two planets and a species. That’s when I was struck with awesomeness (it strikes slow and not often enough).

Why not hold a contest and let the readers help me with naming?

Pure awesomeness…

But this contest isn’t open to just everybody (oh poo). I have a small but awesome (I guess that’s the word for the day) group of folks that ‘like’ my FaceBook page. Every other month I like to thank them for their support. But hey! Like my FaceBook page and you too can join in on all the fun!

Here are the contest directions:

Step one: Like my FaceBook page (see link above)

Step two: After liking my page, scroll through my posts to find the one titled, “Just because you like me…”

Step three: The link in that post will take you to a super-secret page on my website where you can find the directions, descriptions of the planets and species and the entry form.

Planet #1: This planet makes its debut in Dangerously His (Book #4 in the Loving Dangerously Series) and is featured in Dangerously Forever (Book #5 in the Loving Dangerously Series). This is the planet where Kiehle Xochis, brother of Taio Xochis has a private home.

Planet #2: This planet makes a debut in Dangerously His (Book #4 in the Loving Dangerously Series). This is where JB and Saia Xochis vacation and have their HEA.

Species: This is a new fun-loving species that lives on planet #2. They may be featured in other books, but for now they are making their debut in Dangerously His.

Step four: Use your super-duper smarts and creativity to come up with names, fill out the form and submit your ideas!

The contest runs from August 1st – August 15th. Roughly a week after the contest closes I’ll post who the winners are.

The winners will get their submitted planet and species names added to the new books. The winners will also receive a free ecopy of the books when it is released!

Like I said…awesome

Good luck and thanks for playing along!


I’m having a blog hop party to celebrate the third release Dangerously Hers. If you're an author, reader and blogger and want to join in on the fun I’d love to have you participate!

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  1. Just Because You Like Me...August Winners!

    Lauren Seiberling - New Planet #2 - Hagion
    llona Fenton - New Species - Gysoni
    Mina Gerhart - Kiehle's planet - Saurene

    Thanks for playing along everyone!