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EBook Indie Covers

Ebook Indie Covers
World's #1 eBook Cover Designer – Stylish eBook Covers at Affordable Prices
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After six years of freelance graphic design work – designing CD covers, book covers, pamphlets, banners

and editing videos – Melody Simmons decided to start a website dedicated to her passion - ebook covers.

Ebookindiecovers has been running since June 2012 and since this is a fairly new site, the prices are very

low for the high quality offered. As the name of the website indicates – the site is meant to especially cater

for independent authors. She wants all Indie authors to be able to have the same quality book covers that

traditional publishers have, or even better!


The focus is on ebook covers but Melody also offers a few other services to ensure all needs are covered:

matching paperback covers - especially for those publishing through Createspace - are available. Facebook

banners, 3-D book images and book trailers are also in her repertoire. She does digital manipulation with

stock images. Almost all genres are included: romance, erotica, fantasy, SciFi, mystery, thriller, YA, literary

fiction, children’s and non-fiction. There are several well-stocked premade cover galleries at her website,

and custom covers are designed for very reasonable prices.


“Melody Simmons brought my covers to life with her unique and competitive designs. She was fast,

responsive, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!”

- PJ Sharon, YA Author

I have used Melody’s services for all my ebook and paperback book covers. Her ability to

capture the mood of the characters and settings has positively affected the sales of my books. She

is fast, honest, and dependable. She often makes suggestions, gives me examples of the covers

based on my ideas, and answers any questions I have in a timely manner. I would highly

recommend using her services for your publishing needs.

~S. E. Smith, Author, Florida, United States~

Examples of work:

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