Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Undercity Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, P.I.

Hi All!

My super new urban fantasy is kicking off this month. Woot! I have many, many stories planned for this series, so many that I had to space them out. The words flow like water. The first 4 will be released in 2016. No worries, they are already written and ready to go.

I'm excited to introduce you to Babylonia Delilah Jones. She's a fierce, don't take no shit kinda woman. Before I'd written the first word in the first story I'd already come up with this...

I am a proud and sometimes wild woman. Meek and mild have never been words to describe me. Since I was younger I knew I was different. Even when I pretended to be normal and ordinary, different resonated within my bones.

The wind whispered past my ears, birds sang melodies just for me, flowers bloomed in my presence and animals told me secrets.

What I am exactly or even where I’ve come from is a mystery to me, but one thing I do know for certain is that I’ll never lead an ordinary life.

Why is that you ask? With a media hungry vampire as a best friend, an ex-boyfriend who is the prince of the Fae world and a demi god who thinks we’re “dating”, I can almost guarantee chaos is in my cards.
My name is Babylonia Delilah Jones and I am a private instigator for the paranormal world.

I love this character so much!

Writing these stories were such a blast and to be able to work with such a wonderful cover artist was the absolute best. Erik was able to take a rambling email and produce exactly what I'd envisioned. Shout out to Erik Reeves (http://facebook.com/Erikreevesart)!

The Guicai Talisman is up for pre-order now and will release March 21st.

What does a woman have to do to prove she belongs in the Undercity? Sure, I’m unclassed and only half paranormal, but that doesn’t mean I can’t solve cases. Since the established PI’s won’t acknowledge my right to a territory, I’m taking jobs from whoever will hire me, doing what I do best…proving myself to be a bad-ass problem solver. Which is how I find myself breaking into Zaid’s house, looking for a talisman my witch client says the very powerful vampire stole.
Now, I can make flowers grow, hear the wind’s whispers and talk to animals, but I don’t have the gift of seeing the future. If I did, I’d have known not to take this case. Because no matter the outcome, nothing good can come from messing with the Guicai Talisman, or it’s far too gorgeous guardian.


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The Lycan Job: Releasing April 2016

Being hired by the Alpha of the Lycan pack to solve the mystery of his son’s death could make my name as a PI in the Undercity—if it doesn’t get me killed first. Not only am I looking for a perp who obviously won’t hesitate to commit murder, but even before I get working on the problem I’m being threatened. That’s not going to stop me though. Neither is interference from Zaid, the hot Vampire who keeps popping up at the most inopportune times.

Yet this turns out to be anything but a straightforward case. I’m learning more about the workings of the Undercity than ever before, and what I’m finding out is pretty ugly. It’s making me question everything I thought I knew about the Houses, and what I’m missing by not being claimed by my father. But that may well be a question I won’t get a chance to ponder, because even tapping into every ability I possess might not be enough to help me survive the Lycan Job.

Once A Thief, Always A Thief: Releasing August 2016

I’ve solved cases for the most powerful Vampire in the Undercity and for the Lycan Alpha, proving my worth as a PI. Despite being a half-breed and unclassed, work should be rolling in…

Yet it isn’t, and I don’t know why. And as if that’s not stressful enough, my mom starts acting so weird it makes me suspicious. Friends say she’s just starting to live a little—maybe even, ugh, found a boyfriend—but I’m not sure. So what’s a PI to do? Investigate, of course. I mean, come on, Momma’s taken care of me my whole life. Now it’s up to me to make sure she’s okay.
What I discover is so outrageous it leaves me reeling, but I don’t care if once a thief, always a thief, there are some things too precious to allow to be stolen. I’ll do whatever’s necessary to make things right, even walk away from everything I’ve achieved—and the Undercity itself.
It's Not Me, It's You: Releasing October 2016
Life is good. My mom is recovering and I wasn’t torn apart by the Lycans. Work is rolling in almost faster than I can handle, and I might even be about to find my dad. The cherry on top? I’ve met a man. One who gives me all the attention Demarcus never did and doesn’t make me nervous like Zaid does. Yeah, I know he’s human, so a relationship is out of the question, but I’m going to enjoy his company for as long as I can. It’s nice to have a normal, non-paranormal friend, especially when he’s as handsome as Easton.

When will I ever learn that just when thinks are going well, it’s time to expect crazy to rear its head? Nothing is turning out quite the way I expected, but through trying to keep my human IT guru out of Undercity business, dealing with a stalker and the aftermath of some of the best sex of my life, I come to one conclusion. It really isn’t me…
See? I told you. AWESOME COVERS.

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