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Who Wants to Live Forever? Guest Post by @anyarwrites

Who Wants to Live Forever?

On the eighth day of pre-release the author gave to me…


Obviously I can’t actually give everyone immortality, but the real question is, would you want it anyway?
One of my favorite shows back in the 80s was Highlander, and one of the episodes that stuck with me was The Darkness, when Duncan MacLeod’s lover, and the love of his life, Tessa was killed. Even now I can’t hear Queen’s Who Wants to Live Forever without thinking about it, and that all came back to me when I was writing Jaguar in the Sun, book four in the Unveiled Seductions series.

Xbal Montegro, the hero of the book, is a jaguar god and immortal. He’s lived for centuries already and there’s no indication that he won’t continue to live until our earth dies…and maybe even beyond. The heroine, Cassandra Solinar, is Fey, with a longer-than-human lifespan, but still mortal. Xbal doesn’t know it, but it’s worse than that, as she’s working through her bucket list. All he knows is he’s heading for trouble and heartbreak.
It wasn’t as though he’d been looking for someone to love. On the contrary, he’d been avoiding just that scenario for a long time. His existence seemed eternal. Hell, he’d been alive for more than three thousand years and showed no signs of aging, much less dying. Twice before he’d loved. His first love had been a human woman whose life, although long by the standards of her kind, had seemed to pass in the blink of his eyes, leaving him grief-stricken for centuries. The second woman had been Fey, and they’d lived happily together for five hundred years. But eventually she too had died, and he’d known he didn’t have the strength to go through that pain again.
Then he’d met Cassandra, and something in her had called to him on the most primal level.
Under those circumstances, really, who does want to live forever? It takes strength and courage to open yourself to love in ordinary life, knowing what heartbreak it might bring. How much stronger would you have to be to do so if you were immortal?
Luckily Xbal is a man of incredible courage and heart, and poor Cassie has no idea what she’s doing when she unleashes his jaguar spirit.
Anya Richards
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Jaguar in the Sun
Anya Richards
Book four in the Unveiled Seductions series.
Cassandra Solinar has a bucket list and jaguar god Xbal Montegro is on it. About to undergo an essential rite she won’t survive, she wants to wring every ounce of pleasure out of the time left. Including discovering if Xbal’s sex magic technique is as good as rumored.
It’s no hardship for Xbal to accept Cassandra’s invitation for one erotic encounter, but far more difficult to let her go once he gets a taste of the explosive passion between them. Now he’s determined to hold on to her, no matter what.
Cassie can’t tell Xbal the truth about what she’s about to do. It’s illegal, but without her death the entire world will perish. It’s a job she’s been preparing for from birth, but the loss will be greater now. For in Xbal she finds a soul-deep connection she doesn’t want to lose, and the one thing she made a point of not putting on her bucket list—love.
A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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  1. I love sci fi/fantasy books! Where do you come up with ideas from?