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Heidi Lynn Anderson- Maggie’s Desire

Heidi Lynn Anderson- Maggie’s Desire
Series: Welcome to Paradise: Book 2
Genre: Contemporary F/M/F Menage
Flame rating: Scorching

Released: 5/4/2013
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Word count: 25K

Who would have thought a plan to get the attention of one man, would have Maggie Blake taking two men to her bed?

Maggie Blake has one desire, to experience what the way-too-sexy Brian O'Malley has to offer in bed. Too bad, he thinks of her as an annoyance and not as the hot willing woman she is.

Brian has one rule in life. Never let a woman too close, but club Paradise's sassy little bartender threatens to change that rule and wiggle her hot little ass into his damaged heart.

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Sometimes working in a sex club sucks monkey ass.

Maggie Black leaned on the bar and sighed. "For a tax attorney, the man can


"Hey, can I get a Jack and Coke."

Maggie pulled her attention from the sight of Brian O'Malley's magnificent body

moving sensually over the woman on her hands and knees center stage. Bitch.

She'd been watching Brian fuck women in Club Paradise for years. Every time his

talents got harder to ignore.

A glass rattled by her ear. "Oh, Maggie."

The man's annoyed tone ran like razor wire over her nerves.

She swatted at his arm. "Yeah, keep your pants on."

The man cupped himself and winked. "I'm not wearing pants."

It was a damn shame he wasn't wearing at least a G-string. His pinky-sized dick

flopped around like a dead fish. She bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing or

vomiting, Maggie wasn't sure which. She poured pinky dick his drink. "Oh, you're

not? I didn't notice," she said, handing him his Jack and Coke.

He slapped a ten on the bar and grinned. "Always good talking to you, Maggie."

Maggie saluted, checked her watch, and yawned. God, she wished she were still in

bed. Her plans for Saturday included sleeping in before she had to pick up her

friend, Nick, from the airport. They sure as hell didn't include a seven am call from

her morning bartender. The woman quit because she couldn't find a babysitter.

It was days like this being Club Paradise's manager stunk big time. She stretched

to work out the kinks in her back. Working until the wee hours last night and

having to cover the lunch shift didn't leave time for the hot bath she longed for.

Maggie tugged on her tank top, turned, and looked at the writhing bodies twenty

feet in front of her. Brian's crystal blue eyes latched onto her, holding her in place.

Sweat glistened like diamonds on his skin, highlighting every muscular dip and

valley. His perfectly cut hair dripped from his efforts. Her figures itched to run

through the midnight-colored strands.

For a moment she wondered what it would be like if she was the one he crooked

his finger at and led up onto the stage. Maggie groaned and shifted. She wanted

Brian's hard body over hers, inside her. The desire to have his thick, hard cock

probing the delicate fold of her pussy while he held her against his solid chest had

a shiver running up Maggie's spine.

Lust flashed white-hot inside her core. She watched Brian ram his hips against the

woman's ass. Maggie could hear the woman's cries of ecstasy over the cheers of

the crowd. Jealousy burned in her gut. She closed her eyes to block out the

intoxicating sight.

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